The Noyes Development Industry L.E.A.D.I.N.G. Standard

Noyes Development homes exceed the standard set for Northwest Energy Star and Earth Advantage Homes.

At Noyes Development, we believe that homeowners deserve the highest-performing houses available. Our homes outperform other volume builders in Oregon and Washington with respect to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Our homes are comfortable to live in, provide excellent energy efficiency, and are durable enough to last over 100 years.

While other homes are built up to 15% improvement on code in these areas, Noyes Development homes outperform built-to-code homes by approximately 35%. When you invest in a Noyes Development home, you’re working with home builders that care about the quality and performance of the home you're buying just as much as you do.

Zero Energy Ready Homes

At Noyes Development, one of the ways we build value into our homes is through Zero Energy Ready by Earth Advantage Certification.

Zero Energy Ready homes are intended to last 100 years and be  energy efficient, durable, and extremely comfortable. It truly is redefining what an efficient luxury home can be.

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